This five-sided Big Foot Horseshoe is balanced perfectly for all turns and it flips pretty well too. Check out the angle of the blades, sharp ringer break, stake grabbing hooks, and weighted tips everything about this shoe says ringer! The Big Foot shape was first seen on a shoe manufactured in Canada and was the prequel to our other two tripod shaped Imperial shoes the Viper and the Steinfeldt.
     Now, here is the Thoroughbred Big Foot to complete our offering! Theres so much to love about this shoe! Like all WD shoes, Big Foot has smooth, rounded edges allowing for a catch-free release, greatly improving consistency in the rotation of the shoe in flight. 

Dead Soft Rating     Unique Iron Alloy.. resists burring




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Big Foot Horseshoes Color In Stock Price Sets
Big Foot Set (2 shoes) Blue Yes $71.95
Big Foot Set (2 shoes) Red Yes $71.95
Horseshoe Accesories  
Stakes - Set of 2 (1" diameter, 30" length) ---- Yes $39.95
All In One - Combination Tool   more ---- No $21.95
Horseshoe Hook        more ----- Yes $12.95

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Average Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz




Heavy Duty Padded Carry Case
All In One - Combination Tool
Horseshoe Hook